Friday, August 30, 2013

The Amazing Charity Foundation of Mark Begelman

Mark Begelman
Mark Begelman is certainly one of the most famous charity owners in the United States. More and more corporate owners and public persons are coming to realize the tremendous accomplishments of the Begelman Foundation. This foundation, created and owned by Mark, is known for its great contribution to local, national and international charities. Many organizations from all over the world, including the Red Cross, benefit of Mark’s Begelman charity. The well famed foundation of Mark Begelman supports kids using the amazing power of music and art. Because Mark also owns Markee Music, a company that provides extensive assistance to musicians, he can stimulate poor child by teaching them how to play at various musical instruments. In addition to the music industry, Mark is well versed in the corporate world. He owned several stores and franchises, including the Pizza Fusion franchise. Recently, Mark has launched his personal Wordpress and Blogspot blogs in order to promote his charity. After joining Twitter and Facebook, Mark is now trying to make his presence felt online in order to promote his cause to millions of potential contributors, mass media and business owners. Due to his continuous efforts to support national charities and to help young musicians from South Florida, Mark was awarded the honorable member award by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Markee Music is the place where Mark offers a perfect practice environment for all these kids eager to start a musical career in the near future. Mark Begelman’s knowledge and experience in his field are quite credible, making him a model for those around him. On top of all, Mark treats all musicians equally, regardless of their social status or skills. No single person is discriminated. Mark Begelman is certainly the best person to run a charitable foundation, so more than sure none of his efforts will go unrewarded.