Friday, December 18, 2015

Mark Begelman Topples Retirement Boredom with Rock n Roll Depot

Mark Begelman Topples Retirement Boredom with Rock n Roll Depot, not  Office Depot ODP +%. 

Mark Begelman is best known for his role as President of the office supplies giant, Office Depot ODP +%. Office Depot. Mark retired from his position with the company to enjoy life and spend more time with his family.

Mark's passion for music seems to have lured him from the comforts and boredom of retirement, into a new full-time job.

Mark Begelman Buys Control of North Miami-Based Music, Inc.

Since purchasing the 40-year-old music equipment retailer, Begelman has been busy rebranding the company with a new name, new image, and ambitious expansion plan.

Mark's plan is to do away with three of the four Ace stores, which North Miami expanded to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. The new business plan in place calls for an intergalactic themed chain that will carry virtually every musical instrument. Pianos and church organs are being excluded from the lineup.

This new, energy filled concept is, "Mars: A Musician's Planet". A brand that will surely be welcomed by musicians and musical instrument lovers.

Begelman's Brand Vision

"Mars", which stands for Music and Recording Superstore will inevitably change the way musicians buy instruments and record their music, in the same way, Begelman changed the way we buy staplers and notepads.

Mark is confident about the impact that the Mars brand will have on musicians.

Begelman recently said, "When a musician walks into our store for the very first time. I suspect they will not be very interested in shopping anywhere else again."

Begelman Isn't Alone and That’s Ok

Los Angelas-based Guitar Center and Long Island-based Sam Ash Music, the nation's two largest equipment chains, are equally confident about their superstores in South Florida.

The challenge that competition has to offer isn't anything that concerns Begelman, who never expected to find himself selling rubber bands and paper clips.

"You never know how these things will turn out," said Begelman, a semi-professional guitar player in his own right.
Make sure to check out Mark Begelman Youtube channel.

Mark Has been writing away on his other blog on wordpress when you click the image below.
Mark Begelman

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pearl Jam- Rock Performers With Substance written by Mark Begelman

Pearl Jam- Rock Performers With Substance written by Mark Begelman. No one can argue with the fact that Pearl Jam is a solid institution as a rock band. Although they were most popular in the 90s, the band's influence continues to make itself felt. This is despite the fact that the band has seemingly been trying to demolish its own golden status. The main reason why they continue to be controversial despite their popularity is because of their vocal stand on certain socio-political issues.

Despite their controversial stands though, nothing can remove the band from its pedestal. They are true rock legends. For two decades, countless fans continue to listen to their music. To date, band members include Eddie Vedder on guitar and lead vocals, Stone Gossard on rhythm guitar, Matt Cameron on drums, Jeff Ament on bass and Mike McCreedy on lead guitar.

All Time Favorite Discography

We've seen performers from the 90s peak and then disappear into oblivion. This isn't bound to happen to Pearl Jam considering that they've sold 60 million albums worldwide. People continue to buy their albums simply because the band's songs remain relevant through the years.

The band's inexhaustible energy is apparent in the volume of work that they've churned out. To date, they have a total of nine albums, two compilations and six live albums. Aside from their own work, they have collaborated with other big name artists such as Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and Temple of the Dog.

The nine studio albums are spread well over two decades. They came up with Ten in 1991, Vs in 1993, Vitalogy in 1994, No Code in 1996, Yield in 1998, Binaural in 2000, Riot Act in 2002, Pearl Jam in 2006 and Backspacer in 2009.

Musical Style, Influences and Legacy 

Aficionados of Pearl Jam can simply expect something new from the band yet still suggestive of the soul that makes the band what it is. With each new discharge, the band widens to try different things with and impacts other musical styles however without losing its embodiment as a band with unequivocally fantastic rock and punk rock impacts of its own.

For instance, the Ten collection was viewed as the high purpose of option rock. When Vitalogy was discharged, the punk sound turned out to be more prevailing while No Code included carport rock. The Yield collection was shake and move, which was trailed by the craftsmanship rock of Binaural and after that the people rock sound of Riot Act. The self-tiled Pearl Jam was an arrival to the band's option rock roots while the most recent collection, Backspacer, has pop and New Wave components.

Because of the band's variety of music quality, the band's influence also encompasses bands from different genres. Bands that reflect Pearl Jam's work include alternative band Silverchair, rock band The Strokes and post grunge band Puddle of Mud. More bands influenced by the group are perhaps currently in the works.

Music is not the only point of interest of band members. Vocalist Eddie Vedder does not shy away from showing support for several causes. Vedder has been specifically known to support wildlife protection, Chrohn's disease awareness, voter registration and pro choice among other things.

It's clear that the band members' additional point of appeal is their social involvement. They definitely have more in mind than fame and money. This truly makes them the best candidates for genuine adulation. Pearl jam has recently been in the news for their 2016 tour seen: HERE

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Iron Maiden - A Story of Success by Mark Begelman

Goodness, can you trust that heavy metal's heavy weights Iron Maiden have now been cranking out memorable heavy metal tunes for almost 30 years? WOW, that's a long time in case you're keeping track of each song and album they've ever dedicated to tape.

Writing catchy and meaningful songs has been one of Iron Maiden's strongest focuses, which has also separate them from their heavy metal associates, and has been exceptionally instrumental in their longevity as a band.

"From Fear To Eternity - The Best Of 1990-2010" is Iron Maiden's latest release as a greatest hits gathering. There are two CDs included 23 songs, almost over two hours worth of music to bang your head to. Individuals, this is 20 years worth of killer..
Circle one starts of with the rocking and rolling antics of "The Wicker Man". "El Dorado" is another track taken from their latest full-length studio release, "The Final Frontier" and will want to make your bang your head with its memorable harmonies and rhythms that'll just gradually ravage your reality. A portion of the other group favorites making it onto plate number one are as per the following: "Paschendale", "Sacred Smoke", "Kindred spirits", "Brave New World" and a live form of "Fear Of The Dark among others.

Plate number two is certainly bolted and loaded with some of their hazardous numbers as in the thrash metal-like "Be Quick Or Be Dead", "Tailgunner", and "Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter" from one of the Nightmare On Elm Street blood and guts movies. One of my many different favorites also making it onto this plate is "Afraid To Shoot Strangers", which has the absolute most memorable vocal harmonies as singer Bruce Dickinson sings his heart out.

Be that as it may, despite everything I do appreciate listening to Iron Maiden and highly praise them for sticking to their heavy metal canons and doing what they excel at, which is compose heavy metal from the heart.

For those of you who dig live recordings will be pleased to realize that there are four songs making it on here fit as a fiddle of "Man On The Edge", "Sign Of The Cross", "Fear Of The Dark" and "The Clansman". The quality of these live cuts is pretty darn good, so look at "From Fear To Eternity and ride the soul of Iron Maiden high and mighty.

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Look At Some Of The High Points Of R.E.M by Mark Begelman

Although the American alternative rock giants R.E.M. are no more (having officially called it a day in 2011), they have a 31 year long career of many interesting and amazing high points that are worth looking back at. In the following post we will look at 10 of these high points, the ones that we feel are the band's most defining moments.
Mark Begelman
"Padova REM concert July 22 2003 blue" by Flickr user Stark (Stefano Andreoli) - Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons -

Album Number 14 - Accelerate
Many bands find it hard to stay consistently on top of their game during shorter careers than R.E.M.'s, so it is no surprise that during a lot of the 00's the group struggled to find their footing. However, their penultimate studio release proved there was still fire in the belly of these elder statesmen of rock. Accelerate (2008) was a a loud, brash, witty and fiery collection of punk-influenced political and social commentary-charged rock that had showed the band could still surprise and thrill and sound as exciting as they did 25 years earlier..

Bill Berry Leaving The Band
When REM formed they were a four-piece band consisting of Mike Mills on bass, Peter Buck on guitar, Michael Stipe on vocals and Bill Berry on the drums. From their inception until 1997, the same four had recorded and toured together, so it was quite a shock to fans and his band mates when Berry decided enough was enough and he wanted a change of pace in his life. The band decided rather than spending countless hours looking for someone to fill Berry's shoes, they would continue as a three-piece. The interesting thing is that although his leaving did have an impact on the band and their sound, it was rather thrilling to see that the band were still capable of producing great material without one of their key members.

Their Commitment to Political Activism
Although they are obviously known for writing some of the catchiest and anthemic poppy rock songs of the last 30 years, the name R.E.M. is also synonymous with political activism. They were a band with a conscience and did not hold back from writing songs and speaking out about difficult subjects such as sexuality, Burma's human rights issues, gun control in the US, voting apathy in the US and animal rights. Their political thoughts and views were sounded out in some of their most notable tracks such as Until The Day Is Done from Accelerate (covering the topics of war and the US economy), Orange Crush (an angst-ridden and pointed look at the Vietnam War) and Exhuming McCarthy (concerning political oppression in the US).

Automatic for the People
While it is true that Out Of Time was a big record and reached number 1 in the US Billboard chart, it was in no way, shape or form a true masterpiece. The first true masterpiece of R.E.M's career came in a year later when they released the sublime Automatic For The People. It probably remains a career high in recording terms for the group and featured many of the tracks they have become famous for over the year, including of course, Everybody Hurts. However, for real gems of poignant and masterfully written lyrics and sombre sounding productions, listen to Try Not To Breath, Find The River and the beautiful Nightswimming to hear a band in peak form.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Check out Mark Begelman's First Video

Hello everyone, as many of you already know I, Mark Begelman have a recording studio. What many do not know is that several artists record at the studio.

One of the individuals who recorded at the studio is Rick Springfield, who is an excellent musician and just a great man in general. Thos who know Rick Springfield realize he is one of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet.

In honor of his talent, I have made a video dedicated to him with lyrics.

Please enjoy Jessies Girl.

Mark Begelman Creates Video (You know this one!) from Mark Begelman on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All About Fender Guitars, by Mark Begelman

There are few names as recognizable as Fender in the grand scheme of popular music. We can trace the effect that the Leo Fender’s invention of a simple solid-body electric guitar design in 1946 to improve the amplified hollow-body instruments of those days have on the music industry. Since then, Fender electric guitars have had a tremendous influence on music worldwide including the way we compose, plays and listens to music. In fact, most legendary artists for rock including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and many others have had a hand on these guitars. Everyone who has used these legendary guitars such as Stratocaster and Telecaster, and Jazz and Precision has acclaimed them as design classics. 
Today, Fender’s most prominent guitars are the Telecaster and the Stratocaster that have a bass line consisting mainly of the Jazz and Precision basses. You can also get classics of older models such as Jazzmaster and Jaguar. The company still maintains a class of their own when it comes to the sound of electric and acoustic guitars, feel and look. 
Now, whether you are a veteran or amateur of the stage, Fender has the perfect guitar for you. So what is your taste? If you wish to begin, there is a starter package that will give you everything needed for you to start your musical journey. If you are searching on whether to buy a Stratocaster or a Telecaster, here are few differences that may help you to choose between them although it is advisable to have a variety of instruments.
Yes, the two are very different guitars despite both being made by Fender and having a “caster” in common. Their pickups are different with the Telecaster being outfitted with two single coils pickups while Stratocaster has three. You can thus argue that the Stratocaster offers a wider array of tones than the Telecaster due to its three-pickup design. Other claims that Stratocaster is more comfortable to play while sitting although a personal preference. 

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rock 'n' Roll : Back to the Origins by Mark Begelman

As you scroll down the list of records on your iPod, you may have notice at least a couple of Rock 'n' Roll ones. Ever wondered how and when this popular genre came about? Lets trace it back to its birth.

You may be surprised to know that this popular music genre originated way back in the late 1940s to early 1950s in the United States. It emerged from a wide variety of music genres that were highly popular in the United States in the early twentieth century. It mostly draws from rhythm and blues music of 1940s, which was hugely influenced by other genres such as jazz, gospel, country and western.
This music has been influenced by different ethnic and social groups prevalent in those times, but the greatest contribution of all came from African American-population, with its distinctive story telling and stylistic rhythmic patterns. The initial practitioners of this music were young African-Americans. The music mostly centered around the themes of excitement, increasing social freedom, dancing etc. Steadily white teenagers also developed fascination for it. Much of the later adulation and white audience that came in for the music, was garnered by White Americans such as Presley, Haley, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis

The phrase 'rocking and rolling' is believed to have been used to describe a ship's movement in the ocean. In the later period of the it was also used to describe spiritual fervor. Although this phrase was used quite frequently earlier as well, It was in 1951 that Disk Jockey Alan Freed began playing this music, using Rock and Roll to refer to the genre, thereby popularizing the use of the term.

The famous 1951 song "Rocket88", recorded by Ike Turner and his band is often said to be among the earliest recorded songs from the genre. 'Rock Around the Clock' by Bill Haley, is believed to have been the first Rock and Roll record to have significant commercial success. By 1955, there were quite a number of other records that pioneered the genre.

Give Rocket88 a listen
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Friday, November 27, 2015

Mark Begelman on The Growth of Soundgarden

Mark Begelman discusses Soundgarden, a great band form Seattle! Just like any other rock band, Soundgarden have had to face challenges but they still managed to be successful. They have come a long way. Here is a brief look at their journey to the top. Soundgarden was formed in 1984 by Chris Cornell, (rhythm guitarist and singer) Kim Thayil (lead guitarist) and Hiro Yamamoto (bassist) In 1986, Matt Cameron was added to the group as a full-time drummer and in 1990 Ben Shepperd replaced Yamamoto.

Mark Begelman on Chris Cornell
"Chris Cornell Montreux Jazz Festival 2005" by Simon Jacquier from Vernayaz (near Martigny, Valais), Switzerland - Audioslave. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons -

Soundgarden started off as a semi-band in the creation of grunge which is an alternative rock. They gradually built their fan base through many club appearances.It was first signed to the record label, "Sub-Pop" in 1987. Their first release was "Hunted Down" but it was the release of their EP's "Fopp" and "Screaming life" that opened more doors for them. They then signed to SST and released another album, "Ultramega OK" which received strong reviews.

In 1988, Soundgarden signed to A&M records. One of the hits that they released was the "Louder than Love," which also received positive reviews. It was at the top of the charts and even earned them a Grammy nomination. Their third album titled, "Badmotorfinger" was released in 1991.The group had not achieved a lot of commercial success until they made the genre more popular through contemporaries such as "Alice in Chains," "Nirvana" and Pearl Jam."

In 1994, Supergarden released "Superunknown" and by this time, their fan base had increased tremendously. Upon the album's release, it debuted at number 1. It was one of the most popular records that year. One of the hits, "Black Hole Sun" won 2 Grammy Awards and over 3 million copies were sold. In 1996, Soundgarden were back again with "Down on the upside" which was number 2 at the charts. However, the record failed to generate a hit as grudge was losing its popularity. They then released their sixth album, "Lollapalooza" but it didn't receive as much success as "Superunknown." However, in 1997, the group made an official announcement that they were breaking up to pursue other interests. Each of the members remained active throughout the late 90s and 2000s.

A whole 12 years later, the group reunited in 2010 doing five live shows. The group then released their first live album in 2011 which was titled, "LIve 1-5." The group seemed more determined than before. In 2012, they released another album, "King Animal" It was number 5 upon its release and the band went on a tour on the following year to support it. One of its successes was in the song "Live to rise," which was a soundtrack for the movie "The Avengers." In a move to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of "Superunknown" in 2014, the group released a 5 disc Super deluxe box set.

Enjoy their hit form The Avengers.....

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Transition of Aerosmith through the years by Mark Begelman

The American rock band Aerosmith was formed in 1970. Its members were Steven Tyler(vocalist/harmonicist/pianist), Tom Hamilton (bassist), Joe Perry (guitarist) Joey Kramer(drummer) and Ray Tabano (guitarist). Brad Whitford replaced Tabano in 1971. Over the next two years, the band played almost nightly throughout Boston and made occasional performances in New York. They were then signed by Clive Davis to Columbia. Their fan support grew following a hit from their debut album, "Dream on"
Mark Begelman on Aerosmith
"Aerosmith2007" by Edvill. - Originally uploaded to Flickr as Aerosmith @ Estadio de River 2007,. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -

Aerosmith then began to tour widely. In 1976 they were already a success having a series of sold out tours and releasing platinum albums. "Walk This way" was Number 10 in 1977. However, their constant touring and some of its member's heavy drug use began to take a toll on them. They rested for some months then recorded "Draw The Line." They also appeared in the movie "Sgt Pepper's lonely Hearts Club band," as villains. They did a version of Lennon and McCartney's song "Come Together" from the soundtrack of the movie, but it was a minor hit. In 1979, Joe Perry quit the group following musical conflicts with songwriter Steven Tyler. he started his own band which was called the Joe Perry Project. He was replaced by Jim Crespo. In 1980 Brad Whitford departed from Aerosmith and began his own band. Rick Dufay replaced him.

However, in 1984, the original 5 members met at an Aerosmith concert and they agreed to re-form. There first comeback, "Done with mirrors" had moderate sales. The group went on an upward scale after they collaborated with Run-D.M.G to create a new version of their song,"Walk this Way." In 1987, they released another album, "Permanent Vacation." Three of its singles became hits. Their success also came with the release of their album, "Pump" in 1989. One of the songs, "Janie Got a Gun" won best rock performance by a group in the 1990 Grammy Awards.

Aerosmith then signed a four album record deal with Sony in 1991. later on in 1994, they landed a deal from G.P . Putnam's Sons for the group's autobiography. They had many hit singles over that period, including the song "Get a Grip" which was a Number 1 hit. The group then faced many challenges. For instance, their producer, Glen Ballard left. He was soon replaced by Kevin Shirley. Joey Krammer become depressed following the death of his father and was replaced by Steve Ferrone on some of the tracks. The band then fired its manager, Tim Collins.

In 1998, the group won another Grammy, for their song "Pink." They then made several tours through out the following years but in 2006, Tyler and Hamilton fell ill. However, in 2007, the band still made extensive tours though out Russia and Latvia. In 2009, Tyler was hospitalized after he fell off while performing on stage forcing the group to cancel the rest of the its tour in South Dakota. Later on Tyler checked himself into rehab then later reunited the group when it launched another world tour in 2010. Tyler was later on signed to be a judge on "American Idol" He continued to work on his solo debut.

Enjoy their video "I Don't Want to miss a thing"
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Monday, November 23, 2015

The birth of grunge music by Mark Begelman

The 80s are recognized using everything abnormal, especially on the subject of manner and tunes. Glam rock/metal bands ruled the time, however several bands reacted to the exaggerated fashion and appeared creating fresh sub-genres. 2 this kind of styles are thrash (a way of metal) and grunge.
The Grunge Genre and 3 Most famous Grunge Groups: Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden
 came to be as being a sub-genre regarding (alternative) stone tunes from the mid-80s, the majority of especially throughout Seattle, Washington. As the music regarding glam rock centered on love, sex, and celebrations, rock n’ roll and enjoying themselves in general, grunge had been about replying to be able to and rebelling from the state regarding modern society. Stress and apathy ended up frequent themes or templates throughout tunes that consisted of majorly distorted various guitars.

The idea of grunge originates from the phrase “grungy”, a adjective that may be mainly accepted as slang. Grungy can mean unappealing, run-down. The idea of is actually rumored to get first coined by way of wedding ring vocalist termed Indicate Arm, any time he / she described one more band’s tunes as “grunge”.
Pearl Jam by Mark Begelman
"PJ 2012" by Alive87 - Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -

As the grunge tunes, inspired by means of indie/alternative stone, down and dirty level punk and rock, came to be from the 80s, the item didn’t recognition until the beginning 90s. Despite the fact that many of the bands broke up, the most popular grunge bands even now continue to be to get the ones that ended up popular in that time: Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.
Soundgarden unveiled the first cd throughout 1988. Their particular main business accomplishment had been making use of their 1994 cd Super unfamiliar, offering the strike track Dark Pit Sunlight. The track continues to obtain airplay. Top person regarding Soungarden, Chris Cornell, started rockband Sound servant following Soundgarden broke up. Afterwards he / she did wonders as being a single artist and reunited along with his former wedding ring Soundgarden.

Pearl Jam has been lively considering that 1990, possessing unveiled their particular first cd 15 throughout 1991. 15 progressively became a hit, achieving amount only two for the billboards. This practically offered 10, 000, 000 duplicates, turning it into the band’s best-selling cd actually. Some other grunge bands charged Pearl Jam and Nirvana of earning grunge popular, in contrast to the metro tunes it turned out meant to possibly be. While Pearl Jam and Nirvana lyrics, fashion and tunes ended up legitimate to the grunge mother nature, their particular reputation wasn’t.

Pearl Jam has been one of many exceptional bands that didn’t proceed through a break-up or maybe significant improvements from the band’s authentic choice. Really the only transform had been while using Soundgarden drummer becoming a member of these throughout 1998. Pearl Jam unveiled their particular ninth cd Backspacer last year. While grunge in no way very remaining the wedding ring, alternative stone and tough stone became more predominant of their afterwards collections.
Nirvana had been started throughout 1987, by means of vocalist Kurt Cobain and largemouth bass player Krist Novoselic. The wedding ring observed the “permanent” drummer David Grohl throughout 1990 and also the line-up had been full. Nirvana trapped accidental popular accomplishment making use of their 1991 cd Nevermind. Smells like Teen Spirit became the album’s and also the band’s signature bank track. Cobain wasn’t satisfied with the reputation and appeared making a heavier sound for next cd 1993 cd With Utero. Irrespective of Kurt Cobain’s suicide throughout 1994 (or possibly likewise due to it), the band’s reputation and heritage continue to be intact. The band’s collections have offered above 50 mil duplicates and their particular business accomplishment brought on feuds between the former wedding ring users and Cobain’s girl, rocker Courtney Enjoy.

Bassist Novoselic continued to work as being a artist or a movie director although Nirvana drummer David Grohl shaped Foo Fighters, wherever they are the direct vocalist and guitar player. Foo Fighters ended up shaped throughout 1994, and continued as a huge accomplishment from the delayed 90s. The wedding ring is still lively, possessing unveiled their particular 6 cd throughout 2007.
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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Unique sounds of the group Weezer. written by: Mark Begelman

Unique sounds of the group Weezer. written by: Mark Begelman 
Mark Begelman on Weezer
Mark Begelman On Weezer_Performing_in_2015_-_Photo_by_Peter_Dzubay.jpg

"Weezer" are a four-piece American indie/alternative rock-band via La, Los angeles and they ended up shaped long ago within 92. Regarding time, Weezer consist of Rivers Cuomo (Words along with Guitar), Patrick Wilson (Drums as well as Words of the tune), John Bell (Beginners guitar and Lines) and also Scott Shriner (Largemouth bass as well as Lines).

Weezer (The actual Red-colored Record) carries a crispy beginning along with "Troublemaker". The opening electric guitar playing feels like "The Excellent Life" from Pinkerton. Streams just sings in a very quick tempo to trap with playing the guitar and drum conquer. While vocal range your verse, the actual striped bass will come in in selected is better than as well as produces sounds just as if the thunder will hit. It's quite catchy how Rivers' vocals and the electric guitar come together. If it reaches the particular refrain, Weezer can just go, "I'm a troublemaker, never ever already been any faker, carrying out issues my personal means, and not letting go of, I'm a troublemaker, not really a double-taker, I don't have the tolerance to keep that about the up...Inch It provides this feel that makes you would like to shout together. Basic but wonderful garage door opener hardware, just models the right feeling upon!

"The Finest Gentleman That will Ever Resided (Versions over a Shaker Hymn)" is often a monitor with a variety of music structure. Out of the blue it really is this, and suddenly it's that. It's similar to listening to a few monitors which have been re-composed along with re-produced to some single track. It has the Weezer rapping, performing, choiring and screaming with different parts of the tune. Although with the types taking place, The Greatest Man That will Ever before Resided (Variants with a Shaker Hymn) simply looks great. It's an outrageous yet sleek ride throughout a track that is more than A few minutes lengthy. Weezer are very outside of in which that they normally tend to be.

Enjoy their latest video.......
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Friday, November 20, 2015

What's so special about Gibson Guitars? written by Mark Begelman

What Does Mark Begelman think of Gibson Guitars? Let's take a look! Musical instruments are often revered, but of all guitar brands, perhaps none holds as much status as the vintage Gibson Guitar. [].

Mark Begelman
Mark Begelman on Gibson
Why is this so? Some say it's due to our love of real "guitar heroes" and legendary icons like Chuck Berry. While their playing style revolutionized music, the guitars they chose to play also went on to hold icon status.

Chuck Berry's #1 guitar was the Gibson ES-335. This was the first semi-hollow guitar commercially available and because Berry influenced so many, one could say it is the most popular semi-hollow guitar ever made.

The Gibson Guitar Company is also maker of the famous Les Paul guitar. Originated by Les Paul himself, the Gibson brand initially turned down him down, but changed their mind a few years later to compete with Fender, and created one of the first and most enduring electric guitars ever made.
Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page is also a Gibson fan. While he is often associated with the Double-Neck Gibson EDS-1275 on which he plays Stairway to Heaven, his number one guitar was his 1958 Gibson Les Paul, while his number two was the 1959 Gibson Les Paul.
Other guitar heroes who play the Les Paul Guitar are Ace Frehley (KISS), Pete Townsend (The Who 1973-78), Slash (Guns N' Roses), and Neil Young.

The Gibson SD, Introduced in 1961, also has its fans and is a particular favorite among heavy metal guitarists due to its mean look. Fans include Pete Townsend, Robby Krieger (The Doors), Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder and Angus Young (AC/DC.) Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath used to tune his guitar down to C# from E giving it an even meaner sound.
The Gibson Guitar legend continues to grow and shows no sign of waning. The popular video game Guitar Hero was actually modeled after Gibson guitars and the Version 3 of the game has made over 1 billion dollars in sales.
In addition to electrics, Gibson produces some of the finest acoustic guitars available.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Music Has Changed, but It Still Rocks! By Mark Begelman

Even though nowadays we can enjoy the variety of musical genres, we can’t deny the respectability and the feeling of dignity when we hear the good old sound of a piano, or a thundering symphony. But still, the electric guitars and techno beat that is popular in recent years can also awake strong feelings in all of us, and make us dance and follow the enchanting rhythm.

The greatest classical composers created their masterpieces during the end of XVIII and the very beginning of XIX century. Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Bach, and several other exceptional artists enriched our musical history with the amazing compositions. The powerful sound of cello, contrabass, organ, made these musical pieces serene and strong at the same time. The accent was on the stringed instruments, clarinet, trombone. 

Then came the romantic period. Related to the period of Romanticism (the European movement in the XIX century), music in this era promoted also the values that overwhelmed Europe in those times: the supernatural, many fantastic spiritual experiences, the emphasis of the national identity. The most famous names of this age are Frederick Chopin, Liszt, Wagner, Tchaikovsky etc. Chopin’s sonatas and the sound of Liszt’s piano can wake up dreamy and nostalgic emotions in each of us. 

Mark Begelman - Bob Dylan
The twentieth century music is greatly influenced by the emergence of new technologies, and tremendous change in musical form. This included experimentation with these forms that completely changed the sensation and the impression of music. One of the most popular genres even today, is rock and roll that emerged from rhythm & blues and country & western in 1940s and 1950s. Roots of rock and roll can be tracked in beats from Africa, because when people from these areas came to America, their music came with them, and that way influenced the creation of many new genres that spread throughout the world: hip hop, jazz, blues etc. Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and many other famous musicians and bands were influenced by this new, rebellious culture.

Probably the essence of music is its ability to connect people. From the beginning of time, music is there to give us the immense pleasure, and to wake up all of our senses, whether it’s Mozart playing or The Rolling Stones.  

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Jim Morrison and The Doors written by Mark Begelman

Mark Begelman - The Doors
"Doors007 c" by JustRadley - Radley Hirsch. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -
As the lead vocalist and lyricist for the Doors, Jim Morrison is a standout amongst the most fabulous and powerful figures in rock and move history. The exasperating, picture rich poeticism of Morrison's verses, splendidly upheld by the Doors' whirling, diverse hallucinogenic rock, have guaranteed him proceeding with symbol status, while his affection for dramatic stun strategies and agnostic tension have impacted innumerable imitators. Not at all like other hallucinogenic specialists, who tended to support caprice or other worldliness, Morrison saw development of awareness as a method for getting entrance to the psyche mind's dull, unacknowledged goals; his rampaging id ruled his melodies with a desire for viciousness, sex, liquor, drugs, self-decimation, anything illegal for any reason by the power of moderate center America, and he attempted to experience that way of life as well as can be expected.

Mark Begelman - Manzarek
"The Doors 1968" by APA-Agency for the Performing Arts-management - eBay itemphoto frontphoto back. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Some of Morrison's work has been reprimanded - both amid his lifetime and a short time later - as excessively sensational and calculatedly incredible, however even at his most baffling, Morrison's thoughts have accomplished an enduring reverberation with more up to date eras and also his introductory fans, and his best material stays probably the most unique and visionary rock music ever recorded.

James Douglas Morrison was conceived on December 8, 1943, in Melbourne, FL. His dad was a back naval commander in the U.S. Naval force, and the family in this manner moved around an incredible arrangement. A strict dictator, Morrison's dad was most likely a noteworthy wellspring of the shocking resistance that his child later carried on in front of an audience; when Morrison started his move to fame, he would erroneously guarantee that both of his guardians were dead. In the wake of going to St. Petersburg Junior College and Florida State University for a year each, Morrison moved toward the West Coast to study film and theater at UCLA in 1964. He got to be charmed by the verse of William Blake and the compositions of rationalist Friedrich Nietzsche, and he bit by bit floated away from school to take a shot at his verse and try different things with medications, especially LSD.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Heavy Metal by Mark Begelman

Heavy Metal - By Mark Begelman 
Mark Begelman
"Metallica London 2008-09-15 Kirk and James" by Kreepin Deth - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Commons -
The heavy metal genre of music started in the 1960s. This is a spinoff of rock music that now has its own culture. It has gotten to the point where there are now sub-genres of it. This is a type of music that has heavy bass lines and extended guitar solos. This is a loud music with amped up distortion and complex beats. The front man is usually the lead guitarist although each band differs.

A sub-genre of heavy metal is trash metal and this genre was said to be started by the rock band Metallica. They are one of the bands who have significantly influenced the heavy rock genres. This band has seen many ups including having numerous records being labeled as classics and of course they have seen some bad times as well. They may arguable be the best heavy metal band in the world.

One by Metallica in my opinion boosted the band into the limelight with the classic black and white video that dared to go into the realm of fans calling them a sell out. What happened was Metallica was catapulted into a larger crowd who also embraced heavy metal. At Seven minutes and 23 seconds this video weighs in as a long one, but it is a good one for classic fans of Metallica.

Ozzy Osborne is an English rock star that has also been very influential factor on the heavy metal genre. He became popular in the early part of the 1970s. The Black Sabbath band which Ozzy was the lead vocalist style, heavy with dark sounds, has been said to be keys of the genre’s development. They are pioneers in the heavy metal music genre.

Iron Maiden is a band that has also been very influential on the heavy metal genre. They are said to be even more influential that Ozzy Osborne’s Black Sabbath. They were the pioneers of modern metal, combining the sounds and styles of the greats before them. Their albums sales are in the eighty five million range and they are the best live band performers of all time.
Many bands have come and gone and some have made a positive impact on the genre but they are just some bands and some characters that are hard to forget and influential. These are just a few of the bands that have significantly influence this genre of music with others including Judas Priest, Motor Head, Slayer and others.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,1756-1791

Born on 27 January 1756 in Getreidegasse in Salzburg town to Leopold Mozart,the names of his father,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a well known pianist and amazing composer who started playing piano at a tender age of three,after learning how to play a piano like he was born playing it he then started learning violin and harpsichord and as if music was life to him he started again writing his music at a age of four and even went ahead and perform on a concert that was attended by many people at only six,what a gifted child he was!

Mozart liked touring the world great deal and he toured Europe together with his father and sister who were bought musicians as well,he normally played for all people whether the rich,the poor or the royals,what people liked in him was his blond curls and the shrill voice he had,as a young boy,Mozart had piano in control,he could played it like a professional of which he was and that helped him finish his first opera known as La finta semplice.In as much as Mozart loved touring Europe he did not forget his home town Salzburg in Austria,he normally returns home when he was through his Europe concerts,he was a patriotic and a polite young man,though Mozart didn't stop writing and composing music,he again start teaching to sustain himself because was not paying that much,aside from teaching and music,he also wrote letters to be publish as well as for his friends to get something to make ends meet.

Mozart became sick but he didn't stop writing music and he was about to die he gave one of his best students his work to complete for him because he knew his days were coming to end and on December fifth 1791 Mozart died a hero and results showed that he died from rheumatic fever and not poisoning as people used to think,Mozart's body was put into pauper's grave in st mark Vienna church and because he died poor his body was never identified.Though he passed on long long ago,most people still remember him for his great touch on music and how he change music and entertained many.