Friday, December 18, 2015

Mark Begelman Topples Retirement Boredom with Rock n Roll Depot

Mark Begelman Topples Retirement Boredom with Rock n Roll Depot, not  Office Depot ODP +%. 

Mark Begelman is best known for his role as President of the office supplies giant, Office Depot ODP +%. Office Depot. Mark retired from his position with the company to enjoy life and spend more time with his family.

Mark's passion for music seems to have lured him from the comforts and boredom of retirement, into a new full-time job.

Mark Begelman Buys Control of North Miami-Based Music, Inc.

Since purchasing the 40-year-old music equipment retailer, Begelman has been busy rebranding the company with a new name, new image, and ambitious expansion plan.

Mark's plan is to do away with three of the four Ace stores, which North Miami expanded to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Orlando. The new business plan in place calls for an intergalactic themed chain that will carry virtually every musical instrument. Pianos and church organs are being excluded from the lineup.

This new, energy filled concept is, "Mars: A Musician's Planet". A brand that will surely be welcomed by musicians and musical instrument lovers.

Begelman's Brand Vision

"Mars", which stands for Music and Recording Superstore will inevitably change the way musicians buy instruments and record their music, in the same way, Begelman changed the way we buy staplers and notepads.

Mark is confident about the impact that the Mars brand will have on musicians.

Begelman recently said, "When a musician walks into our store for the very first time. I suspect they will not be very interested in shopping anywhere else again."

Begelman Isn't Alone and That’s Ok

Los Angelas-based Guitar Center and Long Island-based Sam Ash Music, the nation's two largest equipment chains, are equally confident about their superstores in South Florida.

The challenge that competition has to offer isn't anything that concerns Begelman, who never expected to find himself selling rubber bands and paper clips.

"You never know how these things will turn out," said Begelman, a semi-professional guitar player in his own right.
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  1. Hey, when Mars Music in Charlotte, NC closed, my son had just dropped off a guitar amp for repair. He worked for an ENTIRE YEAR to pay for that thing, and they locked the door with his amp inside and he lost it. I tried EVERYTHING to get his amp back. Nothing.

    Though it's been years, you owe my son a Line 6 guitar amp.
    He paid almost $1000 for it.