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Mark Begelman on The Growth of Soundgarden

Mark Begelman discusses Soundgarden, a great band form Seattle! Just like any other rock band, Soundgarden have had to face challenges but they still managed to be successful. They have come a long way. Here is a brief look at their journey to the top. Soundgarden was formed in 1984 by Chris Cornell, (rhythm guitarist and singer) Kim Thayil (lead guitarist) and Hiro Yamamoto (bassist) In 1986, Matt Cameron was added to the group as a full-time drummer and in 1990 Ben Shepperd replaced Yamamoto.

Mark Begelman on Chris Cornell
"Chris Cornell Montreux Jazz Festival 2005" by Simon Jacquier from Vernayaz (near Martigny, Valais), Switzerland - Audioslave. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons -

Soundgarden started off as a semi-band in the creation of grunge which is an alternative rock. They gradually built their fan base through many club appearances.It was first signed to the record label, "Sub-Pop" in 1987. Their first release was "Hunted Down" but it was the release of their EP's "Fopp" and "Screaming life" that opened more doors for them. They then signed to SST and released another album, "Ultramega OK" which received strong reviews.

In 1988, Soundgarden signed to A&M records. One of the hits that they released was the "Louder than Love," which also received positive reviews. It was at the top of the charts and even earned them a Grammy nomination. Their third album titled, "Badmotorfinger" was released in 1991.The group had not achieved a lot of commercial success until they made the genre more popular through contemporaries such as "Alice in Chains," "Nirvana" and Pearl Jam."

In 1994, Supergarden released "Superunknown" and by this time, their fan base had increased tremendously. Upon the album's release, it debuted at number 1. It was one of the most popular records that year. One of the hits, "Black Hole Sun" won 2 Grammy Awards and over 3 million copies were sold. In 1996, Soundgarden were back again with "Down on the upside" which was number 2 at the charts. However, the record failed to generate a hit as grudge was losing its popularity. They then released their sixth album, "Lollapalooza" but it didn't receive as much success as "Superunknown." However, in 1997, the group made an official announcement that they were breaking up to pursue other interests. Each of the members remained active throughout the late 90s and 2000s.

A whole 12 years later, the group reunited in 2010 doing five live shows. The group then released their first live album in 2011 which was titled, "LIve 1-5." The group seemed more determined than before. In 2012, they released another album, "King Animal" It was number 5 upon its release and the band went on a tour on the following year to support it. One of its successes was in the song "Live to rise," which was a soundtrack for the movie "The Avengers." In a move to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of "Superunknown" in 2014, the group released a 5 disc Super deluxe box set.

Enjoy their hit form The Avengers.....

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