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The Transition of Aerosmith through the years by Mark Begelman

The American rock band Aerosmith was formed in 1970. Its members were Steven Tyler(vocalist/harmonicist/pianist), Tom Hamilton (bassist), Joe Perry (guitarist) Joey Kramer(drummer) and Ray Tabano (guitarist). Brad Whitford replaced Tabano in 1971. Over the next two years, the band played almost nightly throughout Boston and made occasional performances in New York. They were then signed by Clive Davis to Columbia. Their fan support grew following a hit from their debut album, "Dream on"
Mark Begelman on Aerosmith
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Aerosmith then began to tour widely. In 1976 they were already a success having a series of sold out tours and releasing platinum albums. "Walk This way" was Number 10 in 1977. However, their constant touring and some of its member's heavy drug use began to take a toll on them. They rested for some months then recorded "Draw The Line." They also appeared in the movie "Sgt Pepper's lonely Hearts Club band," as villains. They did a version of Lennon and McCartney's song "Come Together" from the soundtrack of the movie, but it was a minor hit. In 1979, Joe Perry quit the group following musical conflicts with songwriter Steven Tyler. he started his own band which was called the Joe Perry Project. He was replaced by Jim Crespo. In 1980 Brad Whitford departed from Aerosmith and began his own band. Rick Dufay replaced him.

However, in 1984, the original 5 members met at an Aerosmith concert and they agreed to re-form. There first comeback, "Done with mirrors" had moderate sales. The group went on an upward scale after they collaborated with Run-D.M.G to create a new version of their song,"Walk this Way." In 1987, they released another album, "Permanent Vacation." Three of its singles became hits. Their success also came with the release of their album, "Pump" in 1989. One of the songs, "Janie Got a Gun" won best rock performance by a group in the 1990 Grammy Awards.

Aerosmith then signed a four album record deal with Sony in 1991. later on in 1994, they landed a deal from G.P . Putnam's Sons for the group's autobiography. They had many hit singles over that period, including the song "Get a Grip" which was a Number 1 hit. The group then faced many challenges. For instance, their producer, Glen Ballard left. He was soon replaced by Kevin Shirley. Joey Krammer become depressed following the death of his father and was replaced by Steve Ferrone on some of the tracks. The band then fired its manager, Tim Collins.

In 1998, the group won another Grammy, for their song "Pink." They then made several tours through out the following years but in 2006, Tyler and Hamilton fell ill. However, in 2007, the band still made extensive tours though out Russia and Latvia. In 2009, Tyler was hospitalized after he fell off while performing on stage forcing the group to cancel the rest of the its tour in South Dakota. Later on Tyler checked himself into rehab then later reunited the group when it launched another world tour in 2010. Tyler was later on signed to be a judge on "American Idol" He continued to work on his solo debut.

Enjoy their video "I Don't Want to miss a thing"
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