Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,1756-1791

Born on 27 January 1756 in Getreidegasse in Salzburg town to Leopold Mozart,the names of his father,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a well known pianist and amazing composer who started playing piano at a tender age of three,after learning how to play a piano like he was born playing it he then started learning violin and harpsichord and as if music was life to him he started again writing his music at a age of four and even went ahead and perform on a concert that was attended by many people at only six,what a gifted child he was!

Mozart liked touring the world great deal and he toured Europe together with his father and sister who were bought musicians as well,he normally played for all people whether the rich,the poor or the royals,what people liked in him was his blond curls and the shrill voice he had,as a young boy,Mozart had piano in control,he could played it like a professional of which he was and that helped him finish his first opera known as La finta semplice.In as much as Mozart loved touring Europe he did not forget his home town Salzburg in Austria,he normally returns home when he was through his Europe concerts,he was a patriotic and a polite young man,though Mozart didn't stop writing and composing music,he again start teaching to sustain himself because was not paying that much,aside from teaching and music,he also wrote letters to be publish as well as for his friends to get something to make ends meet.

Mozart became sick but he didn't stop writing music and he was about to die he gave one of his best students his work to complete for him because he knew his days were coming to end and on December fifth 1791 Mozart died a hero and results showed that he died from rheumatic fever and not poisoning as people used to think,Mozart's body was put into pauper's grave in st mark Vienna church and because he died poor his body was never identified.Though he passed on long long ago,most people still remember him for his great touch on music and how he change music and entertained many.

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